Monday, 2 January 2012

Pour Painting

Hello, first of all, happy new year. I hope to post more and get more visitors in 2012!
 So, this blog post is about pour painting, which is incredibly awesome. The painting from the picture above is made by Holton Rower and assistants.

It's an acrylic paint 'technique' which is invented by Holton Rower. It doesnt take a long time to make but depending on what size you make it, drying will take a good amount of time.

Here is the video of that painting:

It doesnt have to be big, in fact, you can do it yourself... The only things you need are, some form or shape to pour it on (not sure if cardboard works), alot of acrylic paint and maybe a few paper cups.

You dont even need a shapey something, just something to pour paint on (it can be flat) and then let it flow around, like how they do here, and here.

Holton Rower

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