Monday, 19 November 2012

Nail Art

Nail art is actually a fun way to update your look and show your creativity! (if you can do it yourself that is) Luckily all kinds of tools exist, and with those you can put every imaginable design on your nails! amongst the links, there are tutorials on how to try nail art.

There are three methods often used for placing nail art designs on the nails. These include nail art stickers, freehand drawing using nail polish, or airbrushing using an airbrush and a stencil. Using these three different methods, it is possible to place virtually any type of design imaginable on the nails; many people choose to place a small jewel sticker on the nails, while others will choose nail art designs such as flowers or seasonal images.  
(Source: WiseGeek)

An other kind of nail-art is called Water Marble Nail, which means nail decorations created by the method of water marble nail art technique. The technique consists of dropping nail lacquers into clean water creating a pattern or design of the resulting art on the surface; which is then transferred to your nails. It can also be embellished with various drawings in the top layer on the water.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Apart from these i found another fun to try tutorial, where you 'splat' the nail polish on your nail, getting a party like design.



How To Do Nail Art
Madeline Poole Nails
Let Them Have Polish
Youtube Search: Nail-Art

Also if you like kpop, 'Sweet And Tasty' on youtube has kpop inspired nail tutorials, for example, Big Bang. If you are interested in more here's her youtube page: Sweet And Tasty.

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