Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hanging Sculptures

Sculptures made from various objects hanging from nearly invisible threads. I wanted to make a post about this subject but theres in fact, not much information to find within my search abillities. (they are not that good) Only alot of pictures, and videos.

In the case of Augusto Esquivel, he works with sewing buttons. He creates incredible three-dimensional sculptures out of thousands of them. Including musical instruments (violin, piano, harp) and things such as a fire extinguisher, a toilet and a fire hydrant.

 For more go to his site: 

Also, Nike made a hanging sculpture from nearly 3000 footballs. It’s located in the Carlton Shopping Centre in Johannesburg and was created by Ratcliffe Fowler Design. 

A few more:
Bleigiessen by Thomas Heatherwick
Anatomical hanging sculptures by Clark Goolsby   /

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